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Miley Cyrus is Sarah Palin’s secret love child

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus is related by blood to Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin – so claims an expert in DNA.

Doctor Noah Awle from Columbia University secretly took DNA samples from the toilet stools of both women and compared them in his research laboratory.

“What I found was that, apart from both women having very smelly shit, they also shared an exact match in DNA”, he boasted, “which means that they are family”.

Unsubstantiated reports claim that Palin’s now pregnant teenage daughter Bristol was actually a conjoined twin and that they were separated at birth. One child was brought up as the official daughter while the other was banished to Disney World where she eventually joined a children’s tv show called Hannah Montana.

Pictures from the time show a man with a distinctive mullet and cowboy boots – resembling Miley’s country singer father Billy Ray Cyrus – leaving an Alaskan hospital on the day of the Palin birth.

More pieces of the jigsaw slowly start to slip into place when it was noted that no Vice President with conjoined twins has ever slithered their way into office – which gives a very good and logical reason for the possible Palin maneuver.

It’s also now speculated that Billy Ray Cyrus’ song “Achey Breaky Heart” is an ode to the Palin daughter he never knew. Others think this is bullshit.

A series of mystery donations written on Disney checks have been flooding into the Palin campaign funds prompting further rumors that young Miley has not forgotten her old mama.


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Did you know that Miley Cyrus shares her Birthday with Kelly Brook?

Come 23rd November and it will be real party time for the Hannah Montana girl. Millions of her fans worldwide are waiting for the day. However, few people know that she was born on the same day as sexy and stunning model and actress Kelly Brook. Incidentally, Kelly has also been in the showbiz since she was 16 years old. Her mother asked her to participate in a beauty pageant and as stunning as she was, she won. That gave her a kick start in the modeling business. Following this success she worked on a range of advertising campaigns, including for Foster’s Lager, Renault Megane, Walkers crisps, Piz Buin and “Bravissimo”, a company that specializes in bras and lingerie for big-breasted women. Her pictures can be seen here.

Her website says ” Eager to move on from the modeling world and back to her greatest love, performing, Kelly was eager to try something new. The Big Breakfast was a popular live morning show that was looking for a host. After beating off stiff competition from more experienced peers, she landed the job after turning just eighteen. This made front page news, turning Kelly into a national treasure overnight.”

Born in 1979, Kelly still is the heartthrob of millions. She topped the ‘FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World’ list in 2005, which was said to have polled 15 million people. She later ranked 5th in FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006′, 17th in 2007 and 34th in 2008 respectively.

If Kelly defined herself as hot, sexy and provocative, Miley Cyrus has been perceived to be a real sweet sixteen kind of a girl. Parents of teenagers look at her as kind of some role model for their kids who whould not indulge in any activity which gives wrong message. No wonder, any small act of provocation on her part becomes a matter of national commotion. Whether it is vanity fair photos or seat belt controversy or pregnancy hoax, Miley Cyrus has always been in news for wrong reasons.

By the Way, she is aspiring for her first car this birthday. Would you like to gift her yours?

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Miley Cyrus enjoys Sex And The City style in Paris

So, Miley Cyrus has hit Paris – the French capital, not Hilton – and as well as performing and promoting, she’s also managed to sneak in a little Sex And The City experience during her trip.

For here was the Hannah Montana star leaving her hotel yesterday – leggings, boots, tartan scarf and Fendi bag included – and this hotel is none other than the George V Hotel. Or the Hotel George V, as they say in French.

And what has this got to do with SATC? Well, it’s the very hotel that Sarah Jessica Parker – sorry: Carrie Bradshaw – stays in in the final episodes of the show. You know, where she fell asleep on the bed in that big grey dress.

Rumours that Miley did the same are as yet unfounded – although she may have had a snooze with her boots on.

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Back in London

Following a quick jaunt to Paris, France for a few show appearances, Miley Cyrus has made her way back to the UK while overseas promoting her latest album “Breakout”.

The “Hannah Montana” starlet was spotted out on Saturday (November 1), leaving her London hotel to head over to a studio with her gal pal.

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Meanwhile, Miley’s fellow Disney star Selena Gomez recently spoke to Us magazine, insisting that there’s no feud between the two, as well as praising Miley’s new beau Justin Gaston.

“I honestly think that she’s adorable. I think she’s really sweet, and I think that he’s (Gaston) really cute, too. I wish them all the luck.”

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Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are Dating

Teen superstar Miley Cyrus who is better known as her Disney television characters Hannah Montana recently confirmed that she is dating Nick Jonas from pop group the Jonas Brothers.

The Hannah Montana star reveals the couple have been dating since the start of their current tour entitled “Best of Both Worlds”.

Miley’s father country singer Billy Ray approves of the teen romance. “He trusts me, I’m responsible. And the 15-year-old singer/actress insists the romance with Nick is limited to rare movie dates. What else is there to do?”

Both Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers are currently on tour until January 2008.


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Miley Cyrus Admits To Teen Romance

Kansas, MO (CNS) – Disney star Miley Cyrus has confirmed her relationship with Jonas’ Brothers lead vocalist Nick Jonas.

The 15-year-old teen star says she is dating Jonas, who is touring with her. She says they have been dating since the start of their “Best of Both Worlds” tour.

Miley’s reel and real life dad Billy Ray approves his daughter’s choice. “He trusts me, I’m responsible.”

Cyrus swears her teen romance is nothing but movie dates, “What else is there to do?”


The “Best of Both Worlds” is named after the theme song of the Hannah Montana series, in which she had gained popularity as the title character. The tour is ongoing until January 2008.

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Cyrus Tops Highest-Earning Teens List

0000136285.jpgSinger Miley Cyrus is one of the highest paid teenagers on the planet – despite not yet being able to drive a car.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, made her debut on Forbes magazine’s 20 Top-Earning Young Superstars Under 25 list on Tuesday, ranking 17th with an annual income of $3.5 million.

The actress/singer looks set to rise up the list in the next year with tickets from her sold-out concert tour selling for more than $2,500 each.

Twin moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ranked fourth after amassing $17 million each, while Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, 18, took fifth position by banking $15 million.


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